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If you would like to sell your raw Gold to me, please read below:

Up front, I am the End Buyer.

If you have Gold to sell, send an Email to us, and include your FCO.

You need not be the actual owner of the Gold to transact with me, however, I will require the following: Proof in writing that you have the legal right to sell the Gold! Then I will know that I am dealing with a Real Gold Seller and then the transaction will commence.

If I accept your price for your Gold, then I will send to you my contract in Microsoft Word for you to review, complete, sign and seal. Do not convert my Contract, leave the contract in Microsoft Word in order to enable me to complete my portion.

Once my Contract is completed and signed by you and returned to me, I will then complete my portion and sign the Contract and return it to you in a timely fashion.

Then we will arrange the time and date of when the transaction will start. (When the Gold is to be delivered to the Refinery). You will be paid at the Refinery by check or via wire transfer right after smelting in my refinery in ITALY.

Please do not offer me any of your Gold if you want me to pay any up-front money for any reason or if you want me to supply to you an SBLC or any other type of Bank Guarantee. No guarantee is required since you will be in control of your Gold until you get paid. (Title of your Gold does not transfer till you get paid).

Please respond only if you accept this condition as written by me.

I am not "dictating" or "Instructing", I am simply stating what it is possible at for real deal. If you accept my condition, please send an Email to us, and include your FCO

Please communicate with me only by Email, do not call me. I show my telephone number above simply to show that I am real. (That I exist) I save all Email and by writing to me via Email, this prevents misunderstandings.

I thank you in advance for your cooperation.

I am sincerely hoping to hear from you good people... Let's do some business.



Corrado Perina (CEO)




Corrado Perina (CEO)
Viale Monza
20125 Milano – Italy

Tel: +39 0287198233
Fax: +39 02700535060

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